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Recognition of works
Image Recognition

Use of the latest technologies for the photographic recognition of artworks

Content map

The app is organized according to the structure of the museum's exhibition spaces

Supporto multilingua
Hello, bonjour, 今日は

Designed to be multilingual, it can handle an unlimited number of idioms

Testo e Photo gallery

Extensive text description with customizable fields for each artwork

Contenuti multimediali
Photos, audios and videos

Each artwork can have an audio guide, a video or a photo gallery

Testo e Photo gallery
Not only for museums

The app is not only for museums, but can also be applied to touristic destinations or art cities

Realtà aumentata
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality to deliver an engaging user experience

Localizzazione GPS
GPS Localization

GPS or Bluetooth beacons for easy location of artworks

Alti standard di qualità
Available for iOS and Android

Highest level user experience on both iOs and Android

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Image Recognition for artworks Image Recognition for artworks

Download the Museum App for iOS or Android, launch it by tapping on "Scan" and frame the artwork as if you wanted to take a photo. The artwork is immediately recognized without the need for an internet connection.

Content Map Content Map

Thanks to the flexible remote administration system, the app is built according to the specific needs of the museum, following the real structure of the exhibition environments.

Or, you can build a logical abstract point of interest, ordering the structure in such a way that you can always choose the best way of presenting your contents to your customers.

Multi-language by design Multi-language by design

Designed to communicate in different languages. The system allows you to quickly enter any foreign language in an extremely easy and fast way, without having to re-download the app from the store.

The system interfaces with the visitor's phone and provides content directly in the language of the visitor's operating system, or in English, if there is none available.

Testo e Photo gallery Worksheet

The worksheet can be widely customized both at the level of the museum and of the artwork itself.

Each tab has an extensive textual description with customizable fields, such as date, author, period, technique used and/or links to external sites if necessary.

Contenuti multimediali Photos, audios and videos

Each work allows visitors to be involved by listening to audio guides, including text for the deaf, watching videos in high definition and a photo gallery to comment on the artwork, so you can emphasize some details to maximize the narrative impact.

Testo e Photo gallery Not only for museums

Not only for museum structures: the system allows for the creation of applications based on touristic destinations of any size, from a region to a city of arts, making extensive use of maps and GPS references.

It is also possible to subdivide the logical structure of the app into geographical attractions, popular/touristic articles, hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc.

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"Rome travel guide di ItalyGuides.it".

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Realtà aumentata Augmented Reality

The system uses Augmented Reality (AR+). Based on the GPS location of the mobile phone, it can help customers find historical points of interest, points of sale, tourist facilities, public transport, etc.

The system also provides the possibility of sending push messages to customers, once they reach the surroundings of a store, an activity, etc.. Promotions, vouchers and personalized messages are some of the possible additional components for customers. This will stimulate purchases and engage customers at all stages of their visit.

The design and layout of the points of interests (POIs) are fully customizable to meet different needs and allow for users to interact with them.

Localizzazione GPS GPS or Beacons Localization

In the case of apps based on very large territories or museums, localization makes it easy to identify points of interest or works of art, or an element of particular importance when proposing commercial structures such as hotels or restaurants. Optionally, identification via Bluetooth beacons is also available.

Alti standard di qualità Available for iOS and Android

The apps are available for both iOs and Android. Optimized development with native code ensures high performance and reliability.

Test the quality of our product, download the app:
"Unofficial guide to the Vatican Museums"

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